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If you have suffered a Personal Injury in an auto accident that is not your fault, there are some important steps to take.  

  1. First, report your car accident to your car insurance policy to establish claim.  
  1. The most important step is to seek medical attention for your injuries. At times, you may not feel any severe pain or symptoms right after the car accident until days or weeks later. You may have visited your Family Doctor or PCP who might have told you to rest a few days and take some pills.  However, lack of proper treatment at the right time could affect not only your claim but most importantly the healing after the injury. As a Chiropractic office that specializes in Auto Injuries, we act as the Primary Treating Physician (PTP) of an injury case. Our Chiropractors will prescribe necessary diagnostic imaging such as MRI or CT and make the appropriate referral to Medical Doctors such as Pain Management Specialist or Orthopedist.  We collaborate with Medical Specialists because an auto collision can cause brain injury, nerve injury and fracture beside just the simple neck and back pain 
  1. Lastly, it is recommended to consult with an attorney about your claim so you can make an informed decision whether or not to have legal help. Our office has worked with many attorneys to provide clinical documentation needed so you can continue receiving the care required.  Having the right attorney can make or break your case.  We can provide you a list of attorneys who we know are honest and experienced in fighting for a Personal Injury client 

What if I don’t want an attorney to help me with my auto accident case? 

Lawyers will be able to make the claim process streamlined and straight forward, opposite to what some people might think.  However, an auto accident claim can be handled by yourself, without lawyer on the case. At Great America Chiropractic, even though we are not attorneys, we can share our 15+ years of experience handling Personal Injury and auto accident cases to help you to process your auto injury claim. 

What happens if the Insurance company determine the accident is my fault? 

If you have caused the auto accident but have med-pay on your own car insurance policy, you may use your med-pay policy to cover for your treatment. Some people might worry that the insurance premium will increase if he or she uses the med-pay.  The truth is, once the insurance determines the person is at fault, the insurance premium will increase, whether or not the person uses the med-pay. Therefore, the person should take full advantage of the med-pay to treat the injury to prevent the auto injury progress into a chronic condition in the future. After all, injury happens regardless who is at fault for the accident.    

Don’t wait. Take action for your own case.  

The outcome of your case and injury depends on what you do as the first step of your case. “Wait until the pain gets better” is the worst thing you can do after an accident.  Feel free to contact us for a consultation if you don’t know what to do.