Dr. Lin and his staff are friendly and knowledgeable. I love the ease of making appointments and added bonus of therapeutic massage with my adjustment!
– Carly L.

Very kind greetings when you walk into the lobby. Dr. Lin is a very experienced chiropractor and personalizes the experience for each of his customers. Will definitely continue visiting.
– Hien N.

Dr. Lin is the best chiropractor I have ever been to. Experienced, knowledgeable and kind. I enjoy the appointment every time as they make me comfortable, take time to hear me out about any new issues, relax the muscles with heat and ele stimulation and add a massage which always leaves me feeling great. I recommend Dr. Lin very highly.
– Andrea V.

I’ve seen chiropractors off and on for over 10 years. Dr Lin and his team are without doubt top tier! Dr. Lin and his staff’s attention to detail when it comes to your individual needs are astounding. Every visit my symptoms were completely relieved before I knew it. Can not recommend this practice enough, they know what they’re doing!
– Matt D.

Dr. Lin does a great job when it comes to optimizing the body and healing old/new injuries. He performs a variety of methods to get the job done right; in particular his A.R.T. is very effective and it has healed old injuries very quickly! I would highly recommend this place to others in search for a high return on investment for consistently seeing your chiropractor.
– Andreas D.

Has really helped loosen up my lower back. It’s great that a short massage is included before the adjustment, it really helps! I have been seeing chiropractors off and on for decades, and Dr. Lin is my favorite. Highly recommended.
– Gabe D.

I was able to get a same day appointment, that was very much needed! Dr. Lin was able to get me right in and help straighten me out. They have two office, which is very convenient. Friendly staff, no waiting, always on-time. I have gone numerous times to see Dr. Lin. The massage therapist was a bonus.

Highly recommend.
– Nick S.

have been seeing doctor Lin for over 10 years now. It started with a sudden lower back pain. An over the years he has taking varc of my knee, wrist, neck, and back.
Doctor Lin has profound knowledge in his profession and has trained his staff very well.
It is always a relief after each visit.
– Alicia T.

I have been going to Dr. Lin for more than a year now, despite having to drive around 45 minutes to his clinic, he’s usually my reliable go-to. Dr. Lin is very accommodating to my schedule and always tries to make it work for me. He is attentive to my needs and in addition to in-clinic adjustments and massage therapy, always suggests
exercises and home remedies that I can do to improve my conditions and to prevent future issues. I hope Dr Lin will open a clinic near my home in the near future. Highly recommended!
– Henry Y.

First day of treatment, I slept with less pain on my neck and woke up feeling much better after a long time. I will go back for sure until I finish my treatment. Doctor Lin knows exactly what he is doing. His staff are very nice and friendly. You will not be afraid to ask them questions. I will definitely recommend them to anybody. Thank you for your excellent work!
– Imelda C.

I have been seeing Dr. Lin for more than six months since I got a car injury last year.

Dr. Lin cares his patients. When I complained my body pain, sore, uncomfortable he always listened carefully and use his knowledge and good skill to help me relief the symptoms. So far some parts of my body have gotten more progresses.

Dr. Lin. is a good doctor and I trust him. I will recommend Dr. Lin as a excellent Chiropractor. This is based on my own experience.
– Yi W.

Visited for my low back pain and chronic pain in the knee (Quadriceps tendon), Dr. was patiently listen my problems and could pin point the right area. Felt a little better for my low back pain. Would definitely recommend.
– Manish V.